Hevi-Shot Duck 28ga 28 gauge ammunition ammo


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Sold as a Case of 10boxes 10rounds a box

Extremely hard to find. brand new HEVI-Shot Hevi-Shot’s high velocity, high density Duck loads outshoot steel ammo with a 15% pattern improvement. They allow for extended range shots and put 50% more lethal pellets on target at 40 yards.

Put more ducks belly-up on the water with these deadly high-speed Hevi Shot 28 Gauge duck loads. Velocities up to 1,300 fps catch the quickest Teal or treetop-high mallard. These dense-patterning loads deliver 50% more lethal pellets on target at 40 yards than comparable steel loads. They also maintain incredible duck-folding energy out to 60 yards, making your second and third shots as effective as your first. Moisture-resistant crimp keeps your ammo working in all conditions.

Increase your range by over 20% with Hevi-Shot Duck 28 guage loads 50% more lethal pellets over 40 yards 15% pattern improvement over high speed steel

Hevi Shot Duck 28 Gauge Shotgun Ammunition Specifications:

Gauge : 28 Length : 2 3/4 inches Ounces : .75oz Shot Size : #4 Muzzle Velocity : 1300 fps