Nobel Sport LE Buckshot 12 Gauge Ammo 2-3/4″ 00 Buckshot 12 Pellets

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Nobel Sport LAW ENFORCEMENT Buckshot 12 Gauge Ammo 2-3/4″ 00 Buckshot 12 Pellets ammo review offers the following information

This package contains 10 rounds of Nobel Sport 12 gauge ammunition. Each 2 ¾ inch shotgun shells loaded with 12 pellets of 00 lead buckshot. Utilize perfectly matched wads and specially selected propellants, this Nobel Sport ammo to accomplish the best recoil to velocity ratios.

Manufactured to the strict specs required for security and law enforcement personnel, each shotshell has a see-through hull and is specifically stamped “Law Enforcement.”




Caliber-12 GAUGE AMMO

Bullet Type-Lead

Muzzle Velocity-1290 fps

Muzzle Energy-ft. lbs

Primer-Shotgun Primer

Casing-Shotgun Casing

Ammo Rating-Personal Defense 12 Gauge Ammo