TenPoint Nitro 505 Crossbow – 505 FPS



  • FPS: 505
  • Bow draw weight: 300 lbs.
  • Length: 30-1/2 in.
  • Power stroke: 17 in.
  • Reverse draw platform: 6-1/2 in.
  • Axle-to-axle width: 12 in.
  • Weight: 7.9 lbs.
  • Arrows included: 6
  • Included: Acuslide, scope, string stop system, 6-arrow quiver, and arrows


  • Extremely fast at 505 FPS and features easy-on-the-arm cocking and de-cocking with highly recommended top-quality Acuslide system, allowing effortless 5 lbs. of force while ensuring dead silence for high levels of stealth, and designed to maintain your trust with safety to ensure harm-free shooting, while built with backwinding crank operation to de-cock when ending the hunt before firing, allowing stop to backwinding at any point to prevent injury
  • Extremely accurate for landing arrows with one-of-a-kind exactitude, featuring precision-focused design, while ensuring beastly high levels of power and force, offering durability, pinpointed aim control, and extreme shot counts (at 25,000) that exceed any other high performance crossbow on the market, offering refined strength and a lifetime that outlasts its short-survival competitors
  • Reverse draw Rx8 cam system offers 404° of rotation to create the longest speed-generating power stroke ever, increasing performance and accuracy, while offering wider, more durable cable grooves for reduced cable wear to ensure long-lasting use
  • Barrel reduces rail surface by 50%, increasing accuracy, reducing string wear, and providing longest string life in industry, while surpassing “rail-less” crossbows by hundred of shots
  • S1 Trigger offers 2-stage, zero-creep design with advanced roller sear system delivering crisp 3-1/2 lb. pull with greater trigger control leading to same hole down range accuracy
  • EVO-X Marksman™ Elite scope provides a simplified aiming system with 3 illuminated (red or green) duplex crosshairs calibrated at 20-, 40-, and 60-yards, 2 illuminated (red or green) dots at 30- and 50-yards, and 4 non-illuminated chevrons at 70-, 80-, 90-, and 100-yards, while offering an enlarged field of view and brighter sight in low-light settings using fully multi-coated 2-8x optics, and featuring micro-adjustable target turrets with easy adjustment to windage and elevation for unmatched long-range accuracy
  • Country of Origin : United States of America
  • Style : CB22005-6189
  • DSG Pro Tips
  • Brand : TenPoint